Lee Surveys


Hertford to Ware
Ware to Amwell
St'd to Carthagena
Kings W to Walt C
Walt. T to Ponders
Bates to Brooke
Stone to Pond Ln
Hackney to Marsh
Bow to Limehouse



The quite detailed surveys that were carried out almost annually by the Trustees and the Conservators have been of enormous value in determining the existence, type and names of the Lee locks.

Where just the year appears in a line there was no survey recorded.

Although the complete record on these pages appears rather repetitive, I have included all the relevant comments made by the surveyors. 


The steam barge Salisbury with the conservators and staff in July 1892.

There are some fascinating insights into the running of a Navigation. It seems that expense often overrode the wishes of the Engineers and it could take several years before a recommended improvement was actually implemented.

The buttons to the left will connect you directly with the surveys of each lock. 


To expand the abbreviations:

Hertford to Ware:  Hertford Lock, Ware Lock and the various structures that were recorded in the vicinity of Ware Lock

Ware to Amwell:  Ware Weir and Half Lock, Hardmead Lock and Amwell Lock.

St'd to Carthagena:  Stanstead Lock, Feildes Weir Lock, Dobbs Weir Lock and Carthagena Lock.

Kings W to Walt C:  Kings Weir Lock, Aqueduct Lock, Cheshunt Lock and Waltham Common Lock.

Walt to Ponders: Waltham Town Lock, Rammey Marsh Lock, Enfield Lock and Ponders End Lock.

Bates to Brooke: Bates's Lock, Picketts Lock, Bleak Hall Lock and Brooke's Lock.

Stone to Pond Ln:  Stonebridge Lock, Tottenham Lock and Lea Bridge/Pond Lane Lock.

Hackney to Marsh:   Hackney Brick Lock, Old Ford Lock and Marshgate Lock.

Bow to Limehouse: Bow Locks, Bromley Lock, Britannia Lock, Limehouse Lock

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