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Numbers refer to the "Stort 1729 0xx" references which will take you to the pages in the transcriptions containing the required names
"see list" refers to the List of the Commissioners appointed to the 1729 Commission on page 2 of the transcription
"see table" refers to the tables of the "Attendance of the Commissioners" on pages 4 & 5 of the transcription

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Christian name  Surname Position/ Title Location 1729 Commission 1759 Commission
Thomas  Adderley Commissioner     see table
Roger Altham Dr, Commissioner   see table  
Peyton Altham Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
William Altham Commissioner     see table
Abraham Andrews       64,
William Appleton Juror Essex     55,57,66,67,69,70,
John Archer Commissioner     see table
Thomas  Archer Juror Essex     55,66,67,69,70,
William Archer   Bishops Stortford 13  
Thomas  Atherly   Bishops Stortford 43,  
John Ayley   Harlow 29,  
Charles Ballard Juror Herts     56,57,66,67,69,70,
Edward Bangham   Bishops Stortford 14,30,42  
John Barnard       62
Robert Battell   Bishops Stortford 13,43  
Francis Bayley Yeoman/ Juror Ex'59 Gt Parndon 22,28,34, 55,57,66,67,69,70,
William Beaumont Miller South Mill, Thorley   62,64
Thomas  Bennett Juror   6,7,10,11  
John  Bigg[s] Juror/'59 Essex Gt Parndon 6,7,10,11,28, 55,57,66,69,72,
Joseph Biggs   Roydon 44,  
Thomas  Biggs   Roydon 16,24  
Thomas  Blackmore Commissioner     65, see table
Matthew Bluck Esquire   44,  
Matthew Bluck Rev/ Esquire   see list   
Thomas  Bowyer Miller Bishops Stortford 14  
Henry Bride   Sawbridgeworth 15,50,  
John Brome Commissioner     see table
John  Bruton Juror   6,7,10,11  
George  Bull   Sawbridgeworth 50,  
John Byde Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
Peter Calvert Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
Stephen Calvert Esquire   see list  
William Calvert Esquire   see list  
John  Cannon Juror   6,7,10,11  
William Capel Earl of Essex   see list  
Jonathan Carter   Bishops Stortford 18  
John Chapman Sir, Sheriff Herts     56,
Robert Chesser Esquire   see list  
Jane Chester Mrs Roydon 44,  
Robert Chester Esquire Roydon 16  
Richard Child Sir Roydon 17  
Richard Child, Castlemain Sir/Lord   see list  
Stephen Choppin   Sawbridgeworth 29,  
Henry Clapton Juror Gt Hallingbury 6,7,10,31,43  
  Clarke Widow Sawbridgeworth 29,49  
James Clements Juror Essex     55,57,66,67,69,70,
Joseph Cockett   Sawbridgeworth 15  
John  Cole Surveyor Bishops Stortford 12,24,27,30,31,33,42,43,  
Thomas  Collin   Roydon 44,  
John  Colver   Bishops Stortford 14  
Jocelyn Conyers Sir, Commissioner     see table
William Cook   Roydon 44,  
Daniel Corney Gent/Foreman Juror Ex     55,57,
Richard Corney   Roydon 16  
Samuel Corney Juror   6,7,10,11  
William Cource   Roydon 17,28,  
  Cuffley   Sawbridgeworth 34,  
John Daniel Juror Essex     55,57,66,69,72,
Robert Dickinson   Sawbridgeworth 50,  
Ezekiel Dixon Yeoman      61,
John Dugard   Bishops Stortford 33,  
Thomas  Dugard   Sawbridgeworth 29,49  
Francis Elliott Miller     64,
Francis Elliott Juror Harlow 6,7,10,48  
Charles Ellis Juror Essex     55,66,67,69,70,
John Ellis Juror/Juror '59 Essex   46 55,57,66,67,69,70,
John Em(m)erson Rev, Clerk, Commissioner     see table
  Essex Earl   15  
Sarah Everett [also Whitby]   Lt Parndon 45,  
John  Everitt Juror   6,7,10  
Samuel  Feake Commissioner Sheering 49,50, see table
William Feilde Commissioner     see table
Edmund Field Esquire   see list  
Francis Fielde Comm Clerk     76
John Fisher Dr, Commissioner     see table
Robert  Flack Juror/Juror'59 Herts Thorley 6,7,10,31, 56,57,66,67,69,70,
Deborah Fowler Widow Bishops Stortford 34,  
  Franklin Widow Bishops Stortford 14  
Ralph Freeman DD Rev/ Esquire   see list  
Thomas  Gamage Juror Lt Hallingbury 6,7,10,50,  
Ann Gardiner Widow Sawbridgeworth 50,  
Edward Gardiner Esq, Commissioner     64, see table
William Gardiner Esquire Sawbridgeworth 15, see list  
Daniel Gladwin   Sawbridgeworth 48  
William Glascock Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
Joshua Goodwin   Eastwick 27,44,45  
Joshua Goodwyn Juror/Surveyor Netteswell 6,7,10,11,12,18,20,27,28,38,44,45,51  
John Goulding Juror Herts     56,58,66,67,69,70,
Thomas  Grayling   Roydon 45,  
John Green Esquire   see list  
William Greygoose   Roydon 45,  
Francis  Guildford Lord   see list  
Joseph Guyver Juror Herts     56,58,66,67,69,70,
William Hale Doctor Thorley 43  
William Hale Esquire   see list  
Ann Halfhyde     45,  
William Hall [Hale]   Eastwick 23,28,45  
Thomas  Hancock Miller Lt Parndon 27,  
Thomas  Hankin Foreman Juror Herts     56,57,66,67,69,70,
Richard Harrison Gentleman Harlow 29,49,  
Thomas  Heath Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
Benjamin Henshaw Commissioner     see table
Jacob Herrington   Sawbridgeworth 49  
John Hewitt   Roydon 17,22,24  
William Hitchen/Hitchin Juror/Juror '59 Herts Bishops Stortford 13 56,57,67,70,
John Hockley   Sawbridgeworth 15  
John  Holgate   Sawbridgeworth 50,  
Jacob Houblon Commissioner     see table
Jacob Houblon Esquire   see list  
William How   Sawbridgeworth 29,  
John How     see list  
John  Howard Juror   6,7,10  
James Hunter   Bishops Stortford 14,24,25,26,27,  
Richard Hynd Rev, Commissioner     see table
John Jocelyn Sir   49,50,  
Strange Jocelyn Sir   see list  
George  Jones Juror Herts     56,57,66,67,69,70,
Nathaniel Jones Juror   6,7,10  
Edward Jubey   Bishops Stortford 13,30,43  
John Judd Juror Essex/Surveyor Birchanger   55,57,59,61,66,69,72,
Henry Judd[Elder] Juror Birchanger 6,7,10,33,34  
Henry  Kelsey   Parndon 45,  
John Kemp     48,  
Samuel Kemp Juror   6,7,10  
Richard Kent Gentleman   46,  
Richard King Juror   6,7,10  
Robert King Comm Clerk   12,26,41,52,  
Jasper Kinsman Esquire, Sheriff Essex     55,
John Kirby       64,
George  Lake Juror Essex/Surveyor Roydon   55,57,59,66,67,69,70,
James Lanham   Gt Parndon 28,  
Andrew Little Miller Sheering   65,
Nathaniel Little Miller Sawbridgeworth   62,64
  London Bishop of   48,  
Edmund London Bishop of   see list  
William Luking       65
John  Lyndsell   Birchanger 33,34,  
Benjamin Marshall     48,  
Philip Martin Comm Clerk     53,58,63,64,73,74,76
Francis Cudworth Masham Esquire   see list  
Samuel Masham Baron   see list  
John Mead   Sawbridgeworth 29,  
Richard Mead Surveyor Stanstead Abbotts 12,22,24,27,28,38,44,45  
Richard Mead   Roydon 16  
William Mills   Bishops Stortford 13,30,  
Litchfield Moseley Juror Herts     56,57,66,69,72,
John Mossley, Moseley   Thorley 31,43  
Thomas  Mott Juror   6,7,10  
James Myles   Hockerill 33,34,  
Thomas  Newman Juror     55,57,66,69,72,
Nathaniel Norris Surveyor/Surveyor '59 Sawbridgeworth  50, 56,57,59,65,73,74,
Nathaniel Norris Juror'59 Herts/Collector '59 Sawbridgeworth, Says Park   59,63,67,69,70,
Jonathan Nunn Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
  Pakeman   Sawbridgeworth 29,  
Jonas Palmer   Thorley 30,43  
Richard Parish/Parris Juror Sheering 6,7,10,49  
William Parris Juror     55,57,66,69,72,
Edward Parson Commissioner     see table
  Paull Widow   48,  
Michael Pepper Juror Herts     56,58,67,69,70,
George  Perri[y]n Juror   6,7,10,11  
John Perry   Sawbridgeworth 29,  
Samuel Petrhy Juryman Foreman   6,7,10  
John Phillips Juror Herts     56,57,66,67,69,70,
William Plum(m)er Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
William Plumer, junior Commissioner     see table
William Poole Juror Essex     55,57,66,67,69,70,
Arthur Rainshire Juror Herts   48 56,58,66,67,69,70,
John Ramsey   Bishops Stortford 30,35,  
John Raper Commissioner     see table
Matthew Raper Commissioner     see table
Moses Raper Esq, Commissioner   see table/list  
Edward Richardson   Bishops Stortford 17,18  
Thomas  Rickett     46,  
Nicholas Roane Surveyor Hunsdon   59,
John Roddington Surveyor Stanstead Mountfitchett 31,33,  
John  Rowley Juror   6,7,10,11  
John  Sa[u]nders [the older] Surveyor Stanstead Mountfitchett 12,30,31, 74
Peter  Salmon Surveyor Sheering 12,29,30,48,50,  
John Sandford Commissioner   see table  
  Schoolinge Widow Spellbrook 31,  
Samuel  Scott Surveyor Bishops Stortford   59,61,
Scott Miller/Widow Lt Parndon 18  
Edward Shales Esquire   see list  
Edward Shambrook Juror   6,7,10,11  
John Sibthorpe   Roydon 28,  
John  Smith Juror   7,10  
Roger Smith Surveyor Lt Parndon 51,  
Thomas  Smith   Thorley 30,  
  Smith Widow Parndon 45,  
Samuel Snoden Comm Clerk     76
Edward Spark[e]s   Roydon 15,16,28,44,  
Andrew Speller Juror Herts     56,58,66,69,72,
John Spiltimber Juror Essex     55,57,66,69,72,
John  Stambler Juror   6,7,10  
William Stanley Commissioner   see table  
William Stanley Dean   see list  
John  Stock Juror   6,7,10  
Richard Strutt Comm Clerk   11,12  
Richard Sutton     48  
Arabella Sworder Mrs     64
Isabel Sworder Widow     61,62,
Robert Sworder Juror Essex     55,57,62,66,69,72,
William Sworder Surveyor, Commissioner Sawbridgeworth 12,29,30,48,50, 64, see table
Henry Thomond Earl   see list  
Samuel  Threadgold Juror   6,7,10  
Thomas  Thurgood     46  
  Tilney Earl   44,  
John Turvin Esq, Commissioner Gilston 45,46 see table
Thomas  Welsh Juror   6,7,10,11,  
Thomas  Welsh   Roydon 17,27,44,45  
Earnest Whitley   Parndon 27,  
Edward Wise Rev, Commissioner     see table
Matthew Woodley Juror Essex     55,57,66,69,72,
John Wren Juror Herts     56,58,66,67,69,70,
Joshua Wren   Sawbridgeworth 50,  
John Yardley   Bishops Stortford 42,  
Affable  Yardley [the older] Collector/Juror '59 Essex 12,36,52, 55,57,66,67,69,70,
Affable  Yardley Jnr   Sawbridgeworth 6,7,10,34,  


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