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This index relates only to lock keepers, weir keepers and the occasional policeman (if he was stationed or lived at a particular lock).  Wives or dependants are not included.

Policemen and water bailiffs have their own combined pages.

Find the name, make a note of the date and click on the lock name. In most cases, the date will be the earliest record of the person at that lock.

Many of the early documents (and all the Census returns) were hand written and there is always a doubt concerning the correct identification of some letters.  Capital T's, J's and I's were almost interchangeable.  If they were initials, it would be wise to look at all of them, even if you know the person's Christian name was Thomas or James or Ian.  

In addition to this, clerks and census enumerators often wrote down what they heard, instead of checking the spelling (if, indeed, the person being interviewed knew how their name was spelt!).  This led to the same person being recorded under several different spellings. For example, Mr Simmonds could be shown as Simonds, Simmons, Symonds, Symmons, Symmonds or Symons.  Again, check all "sounds-alikes".

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