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All lock-keepers and collectors whose names appear in the records but whose location is uncertain are shown at Bow Locks.



Lake, Alfred W G 14.1.1896 1944 Limehouse Lock
Lake, Alfred W G 14.1.1896 1947 Old Ford Lock
Lambert, C 1920 Carthagena Lock
Lambert, W 1912 Dobbs Weir Lock
Lambert, William W 1901 Bow Locks
Larman, George 1881 Picketts Lock
Lawrence E J 1930 Bow Locks
Lawrence, C B 1930 Harlow Mill Lock
Lawrence, E J 1936 Enfield Lock
Lawrence, Edgar Joseph 1900 Old Ford Lock
Lawrence, Isaac 1891 Bow Locks
Lawrence J 1888 Bow Locks
Lawrence, J 1885 Limehouse Lock
Lawrence, J W 1900 Bow Locks
Lawrence, J W 1926 Enfield Lock
Lawrence, J W 1881 Old Ford Lock
Lawrence, Jesse 1892 Bow Locks
Lawrence, Jesse 1861 Tottenham Lock
Lawrence, Jesse William 1888 Enfield Lock
Lawrence, P 1947 Old Ford Lock
Lee, T E 1914 Limehouse Lock
Lee, T E 1921 Tottenham Lock
Lee, Thomas 1942 City Mills Lock
Lemaire, Jean Martin 1976 Hardmead Lock
Letts, George 1841 Limehouse Lock
Linfoot, Alfred Frank 22.7.1917 1935 Ware Weir
Linfoot, D 1937 Ware Weir
Litchfield,Thomas 1851 Ware Lock
Livermore, William 1891 Newmans Weir
Loat, T 1928 Old Ford Lock
Lodge, A 1930 Tottenham Lock
Love, James Albert n.d. Limehouse Lock
Lowe, Arthur James 23.6.1903 1947 Rammey Marsh Lock
Lowe, Frederick 28.5.1900 1947 Limehouse Lock
Lowe, Frederick 28.5.1900 1930 Old Ford Lock

Major, William James

1933 Enfield Lock
Major, William James 1933 Feildes Weir Lock
Martin, Thomas 1899 Feildes Weir Lock
Mason 1909 Tottenham Lock
Mc Alphine 1883 Limehouse Lock
Mc Alpine, John 1893 Bow Locks
McAlpine, John 1891 Britannia Lock
McCarthy , Charles Patrick 11.12.1906 1946 Bow Locks
McNamara 1880 Pond Lane Lock
McPherson, George 1903 Bow Locks
Manning, Peter Brian 22.1.1930 n.d.  
Medcalf, Benjamin 1841 Enfield Lock
Medcalf, Benjamin 1840 Newmans Weir
Medcalf, Thomas 1806 Enfield Lock
Medcalf, Thomas 1840 Newmans Weir
Miller, Douglas 1891 Tottenham Lock
Miller, Edward James 1922 Old Ford Lock
Milne, R L 1941 Old Ford Lock
Mitchell, Frederick George 1937 Harlow Mill Lock
Moor, J 1887 Newmans Weir
Moore, George 1884 Newmans Weir
Morris, Charles Peter 1940 Bow Locks
Morris, E 1924 Ponders End Lock
Morris, Ernest 1923 Harlow Mill Lock
Morton, Richard T 1861 Ware Lock
Mott, J 1883 Old Ford Lock
Mott, Thomas 1881 Britannia Lock
Munday, Joseph 1878 Stonebridge Lock
Murphey, Michael 2.10.1935 n.d. Waltham Town Lock




Newell, James 1861 Aqueduct Lock
Newell, James 1871 Enfield Lock
Newell, James 1867 Limehouse Lock
Newell, James 1885 Old Ford Lock
Newell, Thomas 1847 Aqueduct Lock
Newell, Thomas 1861 Enfield Lock
Newell, William H 1888 Limehouse Lock
Newman 1883 Limehouse Lock
Newman, George B 1881 Waltham Common Lock
Newman, William 1871 Marshgate Lock
Newton, A  1921 Waltham Town Lock
Newton, A E 13.11.1910 n.d. Kings Weir
Newton, A E 13.11.1910 1944 Enfield Lock
Newton, C n.d. Carpenters Road Lock
Newton, Walter (Bill)   1972 Aqueduct Lock
Newton, Walter (Bill)   1974 Stanstead Lock
Newton, Walter (Bill)   1977 Kings Weir
Nicholson, George 1944 Burnt Mill Lock
Nicholson, George 1942 Enfield Lock
Nicoll, W B 1896 Waltham Common Lock
Noble, Benjamin William 12.6.1927 1949 Burnt Mill Lock
Norman, Thomas 1881 Enfield Lock
Norman, William   1770 Limehouse Lock
Norton, D   1892 Cheshunt Lock
Norton, Daniel 1841 Kings Weir
Norton, Harry 1891 Kings Weir
Norton, Henry 1881 Kings Weir
Nugent, Thomas H 1854 Britannia Lock

Obee, J

1917 Aqueduct Lock
Obee, John 1920 Limehouse Lock
O'Brien, David 1938 Sheering Mill Lock
Overall, Robert William 1880 Enfield Lock
Oxley, F 1923 Brick Lock
Oxley, F 1923 Burnt Mill Lock
Oxley, F 1918 Newmans Weir
Oxley, F 1918 Old Ford Lock

Page, John



Dobbs Weir Lock
Page, John 1819 Kings Weir
Page, John 1855 Kings Weir
Page, John E 1851 Dobbs Weir Lock
Page, John William 1819 Kings Weir
Page, Jonathan 1813 Limehouse Lock
Page, Joshua 1772 Dobbs Weir Lock
Page, Louis Augustus 23.3.1899 1942 Tottenham Lock
Page, Louis Augustus 23.3.1899 1937 City Mills Lock
Page, Louis Augustus 23.3.1899 1936 Bow Locks
Page, Widow 1761 Dobbs Weir Lock
Page, William 1838 Limehouse Lock
Page, William 1838 Stonebridge Lock
Page, William Gigney 1871 Stonebridge Lock
Page, William jnr 1863 Stonebridge Lock
Pallett, Thomas 1821 Ponders End Lock
Pallett, Thomas 1881 Ware Lock
Pallett, William 1881 Bow Locks
Pallett, William 1851 Ponders End Lock
Palmer, William 1881 Limehouse Lock
Parker, Henry 1847 Rammey Marsh Lock
Parlour, W 1943 Bow Locks
Parker, George Frederick 13.1.1899 n.d Bow Locks
Parrott, C J 1946 Bow Locks
Parrott, C J 1947 Ware Weir
Parrott, M H  1938 Bow Locks
Patmore, James 1899 South Mill Lock
Payne, G 1942 Limehouse Lock
Payne, Thomas Charles 1927 Old Ford Lock
Payne, W 1923 Waltham Common Lock
Peckham, James 1913 Kings Weir
Peckham, T 1918 Kings Weir
Penney, Ernest James 1928 Old Ford Lock
Phillips,  1877 Aqueduct Lock
Phillips, William 1916 Ware Weir
Phipp 1776 Stanstead Lock
Phipp, F G 2.3.1890 1935 Cheshunt Lock
Phipp, J W 1928 Cheshunt Lock
Phipps, W 1918 Cheshunt Lock
Phipps, William James 1910 Cheshunt Lock
Piper, John 1883 Aqueduct Lock
Pither, T 1915 Hardmead Lock
Pittaway, A C 1947 Old Ford Lock
Pittaway, H 1947 Old Ford Lock
Platt, Herbert W 1901 Enfield Lock
Platt, Herbert W 1920 Limehouse Lock
Platten 1888 Old Ford Lock
Pledger, J 1908 Newmans Weir
Pollner, Alfred 24.11.1903 1935 Enfield Lock
Pollner, F 1931 Enfield Lock
Porter, John 1920 Aqueduct Lock
Porter, John 1901 Britannia Lock
Porter, John 1891 Limehouse Lock
Powell, J C 12.9.1898 n.d. Bow Locks
Price A 1914 Limehouse Lock
Price, R 1912 Limehouse Lock
Pulman, John Thomas 1940 Bow Locks
Puncher, Leonard George 1922 Burnt Mill Lock

Ralph, William

1876 Pond Lane Lock
Ralph, William 1876 Stonebridge Lock
Randall, John 1767 Kings Weir
Rann, James 1851 Cheshunt Lock
Rattee, Samuel 1841 Feildes Weir Lock
Reason, John 1811 Kings Weir
Redwood, Thomas 1931 Lea Bridge Weir
Reeve, James 1886 Stanstead Lock
Resen, William 1775 Ware Weir
Resson, Bernard 1761 Ware Weir
Reynolds, Harry John 1937 Old Ford Lock
Reyss, Henry August 28.4.1896 1939 Bow Locks
Rivermore, William 1901 Newmans Weir
Robertson, Edward Abbot 12.9.1896 1942 Waltham Common Lock
Robinson, E D 7.10.1902 1948 Hertford Lock
Robinson 1914 Burnt Mill Lock
Rock, Thomas 1916 Ware Weir
Rosendale, W 1912 Roydon Lock
Rosson, William 1767 Ware Weir

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