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All lock-keepers and collectors whose names appear in the records but whose location is uncertain are shown at Bow Locks.



Ealey, L 1944 Stonebridge Lock
Ealey, L 1937 Waltham Town Lock
Easley, Isaac 1779 Limehouse Lock
Easley, Thomas  1779 Limehouse Lock
Eaton, Walter Charles 29.12.1913 1947 Aqueduct Lock
Eaton, Walter Charles 29.12.1913 1947 Enfield Lock
Edwards, John William 1.9.1900 ? Bow Locks
Elliott, A E 20.1.1923 1951 Bow Locks
Ells, George 1840 Limehouse Lock
England, Alexander 1891 Ponders End Lock
English, Thomas 1924 Marshgate Lock
Errington, Robert 1867 Waltham Town Lock
Eve, F 1905 Waltham Common Lock
Everett, Joseph 1791 Lea Bridge Lock
Farrance, Fred Thomas 13.12.1919 1951 Bow Locks
Farrow, Henry 1861 Old Ford Lock
Farrow, Henry 1841 Pond Lane Lock
Field, Alfred 22.1.1905 1941 Enfield Lock
Field, Alfred 22.1.1905 1942 Aqueduct Lock
Field, Alfred 22.1.1905 1947 Feildes Weir Lock
Field, Francis Lewis 1918 Bow Locks
Fish, Walter 1932 Dobbs Weir Lock
Fitch 1914 Burnt Mill Lock
Fitch, F 1932 Roydon Lock
Flack, John 1847 Rammey Marsh Lock
Flack, Thomas R 1871 Picketts Lock
Flack, Thomas R 1879 Rammey Marsh Lock
Follon, C W 1947 Limehouse Lock
Ford, Danny 1974 South Mill Lock
Ford, Danny 1976 Feildes Weir Lock
Ford, Danny 19*87 Ponders End Lock
Foster, James 1875 Aqueduct Lock
Foster, James 1875 Tottenham Lock
Foster, Thomas 1791 Bow Locks
Freeman, William 1881 Aqueduct Lock
Freeman, William 1879 Limehouse Lock
Freshwater, John 1926 Brick Lock

Galloway, Thomas A

1895 Carthagena Lock
Galloway, William 1891 Carthagena Lock
Gamble, Robert 1871 Britannia Lock
Giffin (see Griffin)    
Gilbey, Walter 1911 South Mill Lock
Gilbey, William 1915 South Mill Lock
Gillingham, T 1909 Enfield Lock
Ginn, Benjamin 1809 Limehouse Lock
Glass, John 1841 Enfield Lock
Godfrey, Francis 1807 Hertford Lock
Gold, W 1930 Ware Weir
Goodbody, R H 1947 Old Ford Lock
Gosford, William 1931 Aqueduct Lock
Grace, H J  1893 Enfield Lock
Grant, Lovat 11.4.1913 1947 Old Ford Lock
Graves, William 1757 Dobbs Weir Lock
Greay, Edward 1856 Picketts Lock
Greay, Edward 1860 Tottenham Lock
Green, William 1901 Ware Lock
Griffin, (Giffin) Benjamin 1871 Burnt Mill Lock
Griffiths 1920 Britannia Lock
Griffiths R 1916 Limehouse Lock
Guest, James 1792 Hackney Marsh Lock
Gull, Robert 1909 Cheshunt Lock
Gypps, Charles John 15.3.1891 1938 Bow Locks
Gypps, Charles John 15.3.1891 1938 Enfield Lock
Gypps, Charles John 15.3.1891 1947 City Mills Lock

Hagger, James William Henry



Limehouse Lock
Hall, Frederick Ernest 1942 Old Ford Lock
Halls, G 1902 Dobbs Weir Lock
Hammond A 1921 Sheering Mill Lock
Hampton, William 1877 Limehouse Lock
Hanchent, John 1792 Hackney Marsh Lock
Hancock, James William 28.11.1890 1927 Bow Locks
Hare, John 1824 Old Ford Lock
Hare, William 1838 Old Ford Lock
Harris 1816 Bleak Hall Lock
Harris, James 1810 Hackney Marsh Lock
Harris, William 1892 Bow Locks
Harris, William 1801 Ware Weir
Hart, George 1861 Brick Lock
Hawes, Henry 1772 Lea Bridge Lock
Hawkins, John 1850 Lee Navigation
Hawley, Arthur Henry  17.6.1889 1937 Brick Lock
Hawley, Arthur Henry 17.6.1889 1939 Burnt Mill Lock
Hawley, Arthur Henry 17.6.1889 1944 Ponders End Lock
Haycroft, Harold Stanley 18.7.1890 1919 Old Ford Lock
Heales, E T 1940 Carpenters Road Lock
Hearden or Hearnden, Richard 1891 Marshgate Lock
Hencher, P W 1916 Marshgate Lock
Herrington Robert 1871 Old Ford Lock
Herrington, Robert 1871 Waltham Town Lock
Higgins, Edmund T (father) 1891 Roydon Lock
Higgins, Edmund T (son) 1901 Sheering Mill Lock
Hillier, D 1888 Picketts Lock
Hillier, D Jun 1909 Tottenham Lock
Hillier, Douglas 1889 Old Ford Lock
Hillier, Douglas 1885 Ponders End Lock
Hillier, Douglas 1889 Tottenham Lock
Hobbs, R J 1927 Rammey Marsh Lock
Hodson, J E 1947 Bow Locks
Holdsworth, T B 1909 Hardmead Lock
Holdsworth, Thomas B 1903 Cheshunt Lock
Holland, J E 25.1.1925 n.d.. Bow Locks
Hopkins , A G or A E 1918 Enfield Lock
Hopwood, George 1855 Enfield Lock
Hornsby, Francis 1851 Amwell Marsh
Hornsby, Francis 1861 Waltham Town Lock
Howes, Herbert A 1908 Limehouse Lock
Howes, W 1909 Limehouse Lock
Hubble, Thomas Henry 1942 Old Ford Lock
Hudson, George 1944 Limehouse Lock
Hughes, H W 22.10.1896 1938 Stanstead Lock
Hughes, W J 1920 Dobbs Weir Lock
Humfrey, Nathaniel 1791 Bow Locks
Humphries, James 1851 Bow Locks
Hunt, Ronald W F 16.8.1923 n.d. Stonebridge Lock
Hurst, Henry 1875 Aqueduct Lock
Hyde, A T 1937 Enfield Lock
Hynard ,S 1885 Enfield Lock
Hynard, S 1883 Picketts Lock

Irwin, Thomas



Brick Lock
Ives, John 1880 Picketts Lock
James, Edward 11.5.1906 1957 Dobbs Weir

James, James


Ware Weir

Jardine, William 1901 Cheshunt Lock
Jarvis, W J 1938 Bow Locks
Johnson, William 1832 Hackney Marsh Lock
Johnson, William 1832 Lea Bridge Lock
Johnson, William 1837 Waltham Common Lock
Jones, Percival 31.1.1896 n.d. Bow Locks
Jones Thomas 1888 Hertford Lock
Jossee, Joseph 1814 Carthagena Lock
Joyce, James 1881 Old Ford Lock
Judd, Thomas 1824 Hackney Marsh Lock
Judge 1889 Limehouse Lock
Judge , A 1920 Old Ford Lock
Judge , James 1919 Marshgate Lock
Judge, George 1898 Limehouse Lock
Judge, James 1902 Old Ford Lock

Kadwell, Edward

1871 Stanstead Lock
Kimpton, John 1771 Newmans Weir
King, James 1838 Kings Weir
King, James 1851 Old Ford Lock
King, John 1914 Old Ford Lock
King, William 1876 Aqueduct Lock
Kirby, William 1861 Picketts Lock
Kirby, William 1851 Tottenham Lock
Kitson, Rupert 5.9.1892 1935 Enfield Lock
Kitson, Rupert 5.9.1892 1933

Limehouse Lock


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