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All lock-keepers and collectors whose names appear in the records but whose location is uncertain are shown at Bow Locks.



Albion, D 1885 Limehouse Lock
Alexander, George Frederick 13.4.1904 1942 Bow Locks
Alexander, George Frederick 13.4.1904 1942 Waltham Town Lock
Allwood, A O  1940 Bow Locks
Allwood, J 1938 Bow Locks
Arnold, Sidney  1888 Enfield Lock
Atwell, Charles 1914 Tottenham Lock

Baker, A

1946 Bow Locks
Baker, John 1823 Lea Bridge Lock
Baker, Thomas 1823 Lea Bridge Lock
Barker, Henry 1845 Bow Locks
Barker, N J 1929 Burnt Mill Lock
Barker, Thomas 1823 Lea Bridge Lock
Barker, Thomas   1825 Bow Locks
Barker, Thomas Clement 1841 Bow Locks
Barker, William Henry 1841 Bow Locks
Barnard, Sidney Edward 18.6.1890 1945 Bow Locks
Barnard, Sidney Edward 18.6.1890 1946 South Mill Lock
Barton, James 1802 Kings Weir
Barton, James 1824 Old Ford Lock
Bates, William 1820 Ponders End Lock
Beavan, John 1846 Aqueduct Lock
Berner, George 1775 Old Ford Lock
Bevan, H W 1946 Bow Locks
Bickley, Joseph Forrester 31.8.1886 1932 Limehouse Lock
Billingsley, William Henry 1886 Pond Lane Lock
Biscoe, G 1903 Aqueduct Lock
Biscoe, George 1910 Hertford Lock
Biscoe, J 1885 Picketts Lock
Biscoe, J 1882 Ponders End Lock
Blain, Charles 1867 Bow Locks
Boulton, William 1771 Newmans Weir
Brace, Gabriel 1861 Sawbridgeworth Lock
Brace, Thomas 1881 Sawbridgeworth Lock
Bradfield, Thomas J 1879 Feildes Weir Lock
Bradshaw, William 1838 Stonebridge Lock
Bramwell 1885 Limehouse Lock
Brennan, Alexander Sidney 14.12.1906 1947 Limehouse Lock
Brennan, Alexander Sidney 14.12.1906 1946 Old Ford Lock
Brennan, Harold James 1904 1947 Bow Locks
Brennan, Harold James  1904 1926 Limehouse Lock
Brennan, James (father of H J & A S) 1895 Stonebridge Lock
Brennan, Jeremiah 1891 Stonebridge Lock
Brett, Richard 1796 Carthagena Lock
Brights, I W 1946 Bow Locks
Brill, Peter 1974 Carthagena Lock
Brimley, V L 1938 Bow Locks
Brimsden, William 1861 Carthagena Lock
Bristow, Henry 1886 Ponders End Lock
Brooke, Joseph 1773 Ponders End Lock
Brooks, Thomas 1915 Dobbs Weir Lock
Burton, James 1819 Hackney Marsh Lock
Burton, Thomas 1819 Limehouse Lock
Burtrope, George 1861 Roydon Lock
Butt, William 1851 Britannia Lock
Byatt, Len 1969 Dobbs Weir Lock

Cadmore, Joseph

1816 Bow Locks
Cadmore, Joseph (junior) 1823 Bow Locks
Cadmore, Thomas 1841 Lea Bridge Lock
Cadmore, William 1792 Bow Locks
Cadmore, William 1870 Pond Lane Lock
Calley, John 1871 Bow Locks
Calverley, George 20.7.1898 1950 Roydon Lock
Campkin, H J 1920 Carthagena Lock
Campkin, J 1913 Hertford Lock
Campkin, John 1909 Kings Weir
Campkin, William 1904 Kings Weir
Campkin, William Edward 1917 Rammey Marsh Lock
Cannon, Charles 1871 Brick Lock
Carter, William 1841 Harlow Mill Lock
Cass, George 1841 Aqueduct Lock
Catlin, William 1838 Carthagena Lock
Catlin, William 1828 Kings Weir
Catlin, William 1828 Waltham Common Lock
Chamberlain, Christopher 1830 Stanstead Lock
Chamberlain, Edward 1825 Bow Locks
Chamberlain, Edward 1860 Britannia Lock
Chamberlain, Edward 1830 Limehouse Lock
Chamberlain, Edward 1825 Ware Weir
Chamberlain, Frederick 1867 Limehouse Lock
Chamberlain, John 1845 Bow Locks
Chamberlain, John 1802 Limehouse Lock
Chamberlain, John 1871 Old Ford Lock
Champness, William 1824 Rammey Marsh Lock
Chandler, John 1863 Hertford Lock
Chandler, John 1871 Waltham Town Lock
Chapman, A 1924 Ware Weir
Chapman, A.B 1931 South Mill Lock
Chapman, Abram 1904 Ponders End Lock
Chapman, Daniel 1901 Stanstead Lock
Chappell, S 1908 Bow Locks
Chappell, S 1905 Britannia Lock
Chappell, S 1904 Limehouse Lock
Chappell, S H 1920 Limehouse Lock
Chappell, S H 1913 Tottenham Lock
Charvill, Charles 1881 Carthagena Lock
Charvill, William 1877 Carthagena Lock
Charwell 1871 Enfield Lock
Childs, Jos 1881 Enfield Lock
Chossey, John/Joseph 1796 Carthagena Lock
Church, Christopher 1881 Britannia Lock
Church, Christopher   1881 Tottenham Lock
Church, (Crouch) Christopher 1879 Britannia Lock
Clark, Albert Thomas   1937 Roydon Lock
Clark, Benjamin 1876 Pond Lane Lock
Clark, Benjamin 1872 Waltham Town Lock
Clark, J 1918 Burnt Mill Lock
Clark, John 1821 Waltham Common Lock
Clark, S J 1921 Limehouse Lock
Clark, William 1861 Enfield Lock
Clark, William 1881 Waltham Town Lock
Clarke, John 1922 Burnt Mill Lock
Clarke, William 1877 Ponders End Lock
Clayden, George 1901 Burnt Mill Lock
Clayden, Henry G 1901 Harlow Mill Lock
Clayden, Henry George 1891 Latton Lock
Clifton, H R 1935 Carpenters Road Lock
Cock, Benjamin 1796 Lea Bridge Lock
Cock, Benjamin 1801 Ware Weir
Cole, Philip 11.4.1900 1939 Bow Locks
Cole, Philip 1941 Enfield Lock
Coleman, George 1841 Roydon Lock
Coleman, James 1861  Roydon Lock
Coleman, John 1795 Feildes Weir Lock
Collett, L A 1942 Old Ford Lock
Collett, Sidney James 18.8.1886 1933 Enfield Lock
Collett, Sidney James 18.8.1886 1932 Feildes Weir Lock
Cooper, John 1775 Ponders End Lock
Cosson, Herbert A 1927 Limehouse Lock
Coulson, R 1917 Dobbs Weir Lock
Cowie, John 1800 Lea Bridge Lock
Cowley, Stephen 1856 Enfield Lock
Cowley, Stephen 1878 Limehouse Lock
Cox, William 1818 Stonebridge Lock
Crace, C N 1926 Bow Locks
Crace, Charles 1894 Enfield Lock
Crace, Charles 1899 Limehouse Lock
Crane, John 1806 Feildes Weir Lock
Crawley, Michael 1871 Cheshunt Lock
Crawley, Richard Jnr 1868 Aqueduct Lock
Crawley, Richard Jnr 1866 Hertford Lock
Crawley, Richard Snr 1851 Hertford Lock
Crawley, Richard 1875 Tottenham Lock
Crawley, William 1768 Lea Bridge Lock
Crouch, Frederick 1851 Picketts Lock
Crowley, William 1772 Lea Bridge Lock
Cundall, Thomas 1828 Stanstead Lock
Cundall, William 1838 Carthagena Lock
Cundall, William 1838 Kings Weir
Curtis, Joseph 1851 Waltham Town Lock
Curtis, William 1841 Kings Weir
Curtis, William 1855 Waltham Town Lock

Dale, E

1924 Hertford Lock
Dale, Thomas 1781 Kings Weir
Dalgleish, William 1818 Lea Bridge Lock
Dalgleish, William 1791 Limehouse Lock
Davis, D 1946 Limehouse Lock
Davis, J C 1939 Bow Locks
Davis, John Poole 1891 Latton Lock
Debenham, Herbert George 14.1.1896 1950 Kings Weir
Dickie, Hugh J 1920 Limehouse Lock
Dobbins 1883 Pond Lane Lock
Doe, Alexander 1781 Lea Bridge Lock
Dorrington, Charles 1841 Brick Lock
Dorrington, Charles 1881 Harlow Mill Lock
Dorrington, Daniel   1861 Spellbrook Lock
Dorrington, Daniel Samuel 1881 Spellbrook Lock
Dorrington, George  1881  Brick Lock
Dorrington, George   1841 Sheering Mill Lock
Dorrington, George W 1891 South Mill Lock
Dorrington, James 1851 Brick Lock
Dorrington, James 1861 Sheering Mill Lock
Dorrington, Samuel 1841 Spellbrook Lock
Dorrington, William 1891 Harlow Mill Lock
Dowset, J 1946 Bow Locks
Dowsett, J 1947 Bow Locks
Drage, George 1920 Stanstead Lock
Drage, W D 14.10.1915 1950 Enfield Lock
Drummond 1867 Bow Locks
Drummond, A E 1922 Old Ford Lock
Drummond, F 1870 Limehouse Lock
Drummond, Frederick 1861 Pond Lane Lock
Drummond, Frederick   1861 Old Ford Lock
Drummond, Frederick H 1891 Enfield Lock
Duffin, John 1767 Kings Weir
Dunn, James 1876 Rammey Marsh Lock
Dye, John A   1861 Ware Lock

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