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The unique five mile Chadwell Way Sculpture Trail in the Lea Valley between Great Amwell and Hertford is a 'must' for every one.

These small bronze sculptures were made by a class of 7 and 8 year old children from St John the Baptist Primary School in Great Amwell. They are all located close to either the New River, the Lee Navigation or the River Beane.  For further details and a down-loadable leaflet go to

We spent a more than usually energetic couple of weekends following the trail, being drawn on from each new discovery to the next.  Some are quite difficult to find but the hints on the website are very helpful.  We traversed the trail with a wheelchair but it does require a degree of mobility to negotiate several kissing gates and a couple of stiles at the railway crossing.

Maxine King, who led the project and the children, who created the sculptures, have given the Lea Valley in this area a fascinating addition which deserves to become a popular family attraction. It is sad that that some misguided person has stolen the sculpture at the New Gauge (No 19).  May we hope that it will be replaced?

The photographs below are of each sculpture in situ, which may be a help in locating some of the more concealed statues.


  1. Cherry by Rhiannon                  2. Beer Bottle Boy by Billy            3. Owl by Gemma


 4 & 5. Mermaidia and Mermaid II    6. The Castle by William               7. Human Duck by Ellen

           by Jessica and Grace


 8. The Person who had a Shed      9. Giraffe with Mario Head             10. Murphy and his Dog

     on its Body by Alex H.                 by Alex K.                                      by James


 11. Unicorn by Isobel                   12. Bat by Calem                        13. Roman by Ethan


14 The Fisherman by Tom              15 Dolphin by Jemima                  16 Leaf Man by Daniel


 17 Bride by Paige                        18 Cat by Melissa                       19 Norse Invaders by Adam

                                                                                                (Photograph from leaflet)

 20. Golden Goose by Charlie B.       21. Merhorse and Rider by Isabel   22. Mr Minibody by Oliver


23. Crab Claw Clip by Breton          24. Sinking Feeling by Callum         25. Rabbit by Georgina


26. Magical Tree by Tommy           27. Girl by Alessia                       28. Duck by Eddie


29. Oompah Loompah by Samuel     30. Beaky by Maddie                   31. Hand by Charlie C.


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