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When I started to research the history of the River Stort Navigation, I gradually built a chronological table to gain a reasonably accurate mental picture of how the various events fitted into a timeline.  Even the empty (of events) years gave balance to the busy times.  The table also enabled me to appreciate the passing of time and compare the longevity of various associations with the River.

Just for interest here is the league table of some of the major players:

                       Sir George Duckett (senior), as proprietor                     56 years

                       John Poole Davis, as river manager and later, owner       41 years

                       Lee Conservancy Board                                             37 years

                       Sir George Duckett (junior), as owner (partly bankrupt)   29 years

                       Richard Hanbury Gurney, as mortgageholder,                 20 years

                       Gurney & Co, bankers and owners                               19 years  

                       Truman, Hanbury and Buxton Ltd, brewers and owners    16 years

                       Sir Walter Gilbey, wine merchant and owner                  13 years


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