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A collection of papers relating to this project


CONTENTS (or at least, some of the more important bits)



A summary by John Boyes, including the division into six parts.                         

An article by Adrian Stott “Canal to Cambridge?”                                                     

“Historical Account of the Navigable Rivers, Canals, and Railways, of Great BritainLondon & Cambridge Junction Canal" by Joseph Priestley.                

And three rather less accurate reports from history......                                                                    


Part 1

City of London Records, 4th November 1779                                                              

Robert Whitworth’s plan, 1779                                                                        

A Plan for a Navigable Canal from London to Lynn, 1785 by S Hooper                       

Part 2

Meeting will be held at Mr Gardiner’s at Great Chesterford, 5th September 1789                                                                                                    

Newspaper Cuttings from Collection of Lord Howard de Walden, 1788-90        sequence        

Institute of Civil Engineers: Rennie Senior, 8th July 1789                          sequence             

British Library:  Hardwicke Papers.  Folio 94. Cambridge, 2nd January 1790       sequence

Saffron Walden Museum  Uncatalogued MS, circa 27th Feb 1790                                

British Library: ADD 35685 Folio 150. 27th March 1790                                            

Part 3

Saffron Walden Museum  Uncatalogued MS, circa 1805                                              

Plan 1810 of London & Cambridge Canal.  Signed “Ralph Walker”                 

Plan surveyed under direction of John Rennie by Netlam and Francis Giles 1811           

Estimate of the probable Expence of the proposed Junction Canal                                

Prospectus of a plan for a canal                                                                        

Observations on a Prospectus delivered by Sir Daniel Williams, 1811               

The New Canal, a song to the anacreontic tune                                                

Observations on the prospectus of the intended Canal                                      

Observations on the Annexed Prospectus of the projected Canal, February 1811         

Letter from Montague Burgoyne, 15th March 1811                                                      

Benjamin Bevan’s survey, dated 4th April 1811                                                

Part 4

Meeting 6th July 1811 for considering bringing a bill into the next session.                      

The Monthly Magazine, No 26 Vol 32, 1st August 1811                                               

Essex Herald – 19th November 1811  Advertisement:  Intended Canal.                        

Institute of Civil Engineers John Rennie Vol 6, 26th November 1811                 

Essex Records Office: D/DBy 04 London & Cambridge Junction Canal                       

Herts Record Office  D/P 21 29/32  Newspaper cutting 20th February 1812                

In Saffron Walden Museum: Printed Pamphlet 9th April 1812                           

Reasons Against the passing of the Bill, May 11th 1812                                         

Letter to Colonel Duckett from the Duke of Bridgwater, 27th May 1812                       

House of Lords Record Office: Minutes of Evidence:   3rd June 1812                

House of Commons Journal. 9th June 1812  Royal Assent                                            

Cambridge City Library:  Ref C.34.1 Observations in support of the Bill                     

Part 5

Ralph Dodd’s plan for a North London Canal                                                  

Data upon which the Company have founded their calculations, June 1813                    

Part 6, Addendum and Postscript

British Library: Letter from Geo Duckett to Lord Hardwick, 3rd Feb. 1824.     

“The Hockerill Highway” and “Notes on an Essex Canal” by F H Maud                      

“Extension of the Stort Navigation to Cambridge” by Charles Tween              





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